A Discussion of Opportunities ((Attn: Ko'ssen, Kassia))


With the Frost Fayre being announced, and the idea he'd had in his head for the past several months, Ko'ssen thought that attending the Fayre might be a good opportunity to see how another Weyr's WLM and Weyrleadership might feel about his idea. But before bringing it up to anyone else, Ko'ssen knew he needed to get the approval of Arolo's WW first. 

So, about a sevenday before the Fayre Ko'ssen wrote out a note for WW Kassia requesting a meeting whenever she was available. By sending the note by runner, instead of the quicker and more immediate method of having Zerenth reach out to Foreth, Ko'ssen hoped it would be clear this was not any kind of emergency topic of conversation. 

The note sent, Ko'ssen prepared some additional materials and made sure everything was ready to go for whenever the Weyrwoman would be available. 

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