Re: I'm ordering you on a rest ((WLM Ko'ssen, JM Hlr Vivaeldi))


Walking over to his desk and putting his folder of hides down on it, Ko'ssen turned to where Vivaeldi was sitting on the couch and at her reminder of the shortened name Ko'ssen gave her a rueful apologetic smile saying "My apologies, it's habit." 

As she stood up and then clarified that there was no random whirling emergency, the worried look smoothed off his face and he waved that she was welcome to sit again. He'd half-turned, just about to offer some tea, a weak substitute for the highly unavailable klah, before she spoke again and he turned to look back at her with an attentive but polite expression. The poor work-a-holic WLM had no idea of the turmoil the beautiful woman might be feeling at those words, the meaning behind them escaping him. He could be really unobservant sometimes...

With her continuing explanation that she was just here to check on him, Ko'ssen couldn't help the embarrassed look on his face confirming her words that he'd not been taking time off. However, instead of flat-out saying that he'd not had time to take time for himself, Ko'ssen replied with "You do know me that well, always burning a candle it seems." After a pause to think *when* the last time he'd taken a break was, Ko'ssen then added a bit vaguely "I took some time off...a bit ago." 

It was sometime...before a pair of twin golds hatched, maybe?....

Then, almost as if trying to avoid the possible 'Healer scolding' that he could foresee coming, Ko'ssen turned to his small stove and asked "Would you care for something to drink? Tea, or juice?"


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Vivaeldi had started to wish she'd brought some patient hides with her to work on while she waited.  This idea of nothing to do was foreign to her, mostly.  While she and V'ler didn't share a Weyr, sharing the ledge meant that they were constantly in each other's spaces.  The siblings liked it that way, but it also meant that she wasn't used to being alone very often even at home, and there was little privacy in the Infirmary.  So despite her bit of nerves and impatience, a part of her was also enjoying the calm respite.  

When Ko'ssen walked in, she forced herself to stay seated and smiled softly, especially when he used her formal title.  "Viv.  How many times do I have to tell you to call me Viv?" she said.  She stood then, shaking her head.  "No, there's not a weyrling emergency."  She felt a little flustered, that of course his first thought was that she was there for some wlg issue.  "I actually came to see you."  She made herself take a breath.  She had been a rider for too long to be nervous about encounters or to be shy, but she still wasn't naturally the most forward woman to start with.  She was assertive in her craft, but in her personal life, less so. So it was no surprise that she reverted to her craft for a moment.  "I wanted to make sure that you're taking enough time for yourself.  I know you well enough to know that isn't likely unless someone reminds you to do so..."

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