Re: I'm ordering you on a rest ((WLM Ko'ssen, JM Hlr Vivaeldi))


The weyrling schedule might have been light today, being one of the day off days, but that didn't mean that Ko'ssen wasn't keeping himself elbow deep in something weyrling related. It seemed that there was *always* something that needed to be done, some issue that needed to be addressed, or some lesson to plan out. 

Ko'ssen finished the meeting he was at...with relatively little issue, but on his way back to his office he decided to take a walk through the barracks just to check out how things were going with the youngest weyrlings. Stopping to have a chat with a couple of them, ones he knew had been struggling since Impression, Ko'ssen eventually arrived back at his office a bit later than when the meeting had actually ended. 

Tucking the folder full of various hides he'd carried with him under his arm, he opened the door to his office with one hand while his other raised up to rub at his temple feeling the headache he'd been ignoring since the meeting beginning to raise it's head again. 

Seeing the guest that he had waiting for him in his office, a look of surprise crossed his face as he halted for just a second in his movements. Even though there was a hint of worry on his face, he smiled at the talented healer as he stepped into his office more and closed the door saying "JM Vivaeldi, I'm sorry to keep you waiting. Did we have a meeting scheduled that slipped my mind? Or is there something going on with one of the weyrlings?"  


On Wed, Dec 2, 2020 at 8:05 PM TrueTricia <tricia.nicewicz@...> wrote:
JM Hlr Vivaeldi shifted in the seat.  Her impatience was getting the better of her.  She wasn't used to waiting on others and having nothing to do.  And she wasn't used to siting in someone else's office.  She shifted again.  Still, she waited.  She'd actually cleared her schedule today.  She always said she'd clear her schedule, and sometimes V'ler actually made her do it to accommodate one of his fun days.  But she rarely took them for herself.  And today she had.  Well, sort of.

She wasn't sure why she had taken today off.  Except that it was a day where she knew the weyrling schedule was light, and she could hopefully convince Ko'ssen to take the day off as well.  Or at least a few candlemarks.  SHe liked him in a way she hadn't liked anyone in a while.  She wasn't sure what it was, so much as just the feeling of possibilities.  

So she waited in his office for him to finish whatever meeting he was at right now...

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