Re: Wing drills are necessary; so is a good rum punch ((Attn: any Clouddancers/ wL S'ryll))


*bump for anyone

On Tue, Dec 1, 2020 at 7:45 PM TrueTricia via <> wrote:
As a wingrider, S'ryll had found drills simple, if at times challenging.  He showed up, Vastolth and he flew, and they went home.  As a wingleader, he found them exhausting and trying.  It was a completely different experience leading wing drills.  You had to keep them useful, interesting, and effective.  You had to manage the execution while providing feedback and coordinating the entire thing.  He felt like a harper leading a full band.  

He also felt responsible for keeping morale up.  So once a sevenday, he had the kitchens make up a fruited punch and used his rum allocations -- supplemented as needed -- to make a rum punch.  He commandeered a table, brought the pitchers of rum punch, and left it open for his wing to join him as they wanted.  There was no pressure, just a bit of time to relax with wingmates and let off steam as needed...

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