Re: FIREDANCE: Wing Social ((WS T'eko, Firedance Wing)


D'vik wandered down the hall towards the get together for the wing, he'd left his flits at home as Fabio had the tendency to find trouble. He had however brought his young wher with him. Figuring to get the little fella used to some of those he worked with, so he wouldn't get too territorial if some of them came over for drinks one night. He wasn't dressed in his normal work clothes but rather something he'd been modeling for Bronwynn, a long embroidered tunic and soft pants, in matching shades of blue. Bubu walked calmly at D'vik's side, occasionally sniffing at new things, but enjoying his walk. As they came to the door, and D'vik stopped Bubu stopped next to him, looking at the other man curiously, and he could smell food inside.

"Evening T'eko. Good idea to have a bit of a to do. We could all use a bit of happy just now. I don't think I've had a chance to introduce you to this little fella. Got him at last gather. He's a quiet sort, which works well in my weyr, Trometh gets on good with him at least."
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