Catching Up and Checking In (Diagir/Ziya, Maglor/Lustre)


A chill breeze walked with Diagir as he took Ziya out for her walk. The wher didn't mind thanks to her thick hide but Diagir certainly did- he was bundled in a bit of fur and leather as he walked behind. Sure the weather wasn't half as bad as in Crom but once you were used to the tropics, even a litle chill was almost too much.

Ziya's head lifted and she sniffed at the air. Most things were normal though one scent caught her attention. {Smell Lustre. Ziya go check, yes?} The courtesy of asking showed the effectiveness of her training. Even if she hadn't asked so nicely, Diagir would have taken her to see her daughter.

"Of course. I want to check in on Maglor myself." They approached the pair and Diagir whistled out a greeting. "Ho, Maglor!"
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