Re: Shoulda Known Better (Macralan/Kos, any)


Macralan looked about when he heard the voice, confused as to why he was hearing a very clear voice without seeing someone. The massive shadow caught Macralan's attention just as the body attached to it sank into the water and surprised Kos enough that the dolphin surfaced with many curious clicks. The pair realized together that they had their savior and grinned wide at the dragon.

"Ahoy there!" Macralan called happily. "Aye, I'm caught in the shoals here and my dolphin friend is trying to get me out. If you want to help, well I won't say no."

"Kos dig" the dolphin informed the dragon while miming the action against the water, using his bottlenose to gently splash water. "Sand much wet, fall back. Drag'n have big'r paws, mebbe dig better!"
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