Re: Good For You? (C'fan, Bl'by)

Laura Walker

“Good flight,” Bl’by confirmed. C’fan looked vaguely familiar but he couldn’t recall why and in that moment of contentment with the world didn’t care. He seemed friendly if he was bringing hot drinks and that was that mattered.

He shifted up a little as he reached for the drink. If he had remembered in that moment who C’fan was, would he have reached his free arm to C’fan’s shoulder, intending to gently tug the other man back onto the bed? Probably not but if there was going to be an opportunity for a repeat or at least snuggling then Bl’by had never been the type to be shy about indicating his willingness.

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Hearing movement, C'fan turned to see Bl'by sitting up and grunted softly. He poured a second cup and walked back to the bed, offering it to the bluerider. "Morning. Good flight?" From what he himself could remember, it had been good by C'fan's own standards, so in his mind it had to have been good for the other. Well, add in the sense that Bl'by wouldn't be smiling had it been bad.
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