Re: Just Like Being Back Home (M'gal, attn: Any)


Whistling, he entered the Dining Hall, and noticed many people huddled together with mugs of hot beverages. Not klah though, but he knew where he could get some. He chose not to, but he knew where it could be had. Instead, he headed to the buffet and began spooning eggs, bacon, and other foods onto his tray. 

To no one in particular, he said, "It's a glorious day, isn't it?"

Rosk looked left and right, and seeing no one else to whom M'gal might have been speaking, he lifted a hand and pointed to himself.

"M-m-me, sir?" he asked, shivering. He was wearing the warmest clothes he had, which were not at all sufficient for the chill in the air that day. Not for a Southerner such as himself, anyhow.

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