FIREDANCE: Wing Social ((WS T'eko, Firedance Wing)


With R'tal out of action with Talith, that made T'eko ad hoc Wingleader and with that came a new world of responsibilities. T'eko had known once R'tal had offered him the position that this could happen, if nothing else then by him being Weyrleader. But with Talith rrecovering from the pernquake R'tal was very much unable to properly lead the wing. The mantle of responsibility sat heavily on T'eko's shoulders but he felt that he was able to rise to meet the occasion. He'd already ran inspections as well as regularly scheduled drills, so he felt that he was well-equipped to take care of the rest too. 

Today, T'eko had planned a wing social to get to know everyone better and to let Firedance have a chance to relax in the wake of R'tal's accident. He'd ordered some fingerfoods, juice, chilled and hot klah, and fruits for everyone to share in. He himself was dressed casually in short pants and a light shirt with his Wingsecond knots on display. He stood near the door to the room he'd rented with Linnie and Ryu on either shoulder and Note sitting behind him occupied with a chew bone that Brocarth had given him at his last hunt. T'eko was excited to see if anyone would come.
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