Shoulda Known Better (Macralan/Kos, any)


The beauty of a new place meant that there was always somewhere new to explore, especially for a dolphin pair. Macralan liked to pride himself on his ability to swim for good distances, but even he had to get out and walk for bits, or sit and take a break. Thankfully the south was loaded with fruits just begging to be plucked from the trees and Kos was always happy to bring his human some little fist that could be eaten raw with no problem (and just as happy to eat the leftovers!). The pair found plenty of firelizard nests but let them be for now- the creatures were just living their lives happily without human interference and who was Macralan to stop that? Besides, it wasn't like he had a particular need for one, though one of the little gold ones would of course be greatly enticing. No, best to not.

It was while contemplating the firelizards that Macralan noticed his footsteps becoming sluggish and difficult until suddenly he was unable to lift his feet. Looking down, he realized that he'd strayed into the softsands and was being sucked in. He stilled quickly and gave a whistle for Kos who came up quickly. He nosed around the sand briefly before clicking up at his partner.

"Mac'lan found softsand! Kos dig out." The dolphin began to do just that with his nose which proved to be remarkably effective until Macralan tried to move to ssee if he could be freed yet. He sank down more and earned a frustrated squeal from Kos as a result. "Want out? Stay still!" Kos snapped at Macralan before resuming his work. Mac decided to just stay still until Kos decided that he was free. While the mammal dug, Macralan could only wonder that no one knew where he was except his partner and a handful of wild firelizards. Very helpful. The water around him in the delta was just salty enough to not be drinkable and there was only so much fish he could eat before getting dehydrated. Macralan would just have to hope that either he was freed or someone would come along while Kos worked to free him.
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