Where to Go From Here? (Diagir SA)


Going over his thesis for wher training, Diagir sat back with a sigh and rubbed his temple. Becoming a master was difficult, but it wasn't going to be something that he'd give up easily. Whers were his passion and he wouldn't shy away from a potential way to learn more and teach more about them. That's what Diagir loved about the Whercraft, he got to teach other people about whers. The more who learned properly about whers, the better. The safer. 

Ziya got up from her place with a stretch and a yawn before padding over and laying her shining head in her master's lap. Soft golden eyes looked up at the man as he reached down to gently pet over the many folds of her squashed face. She began a low thrum of pleasure that couldn't not make Diagir smile as he traced her features.

"Well, girl, we've had a time of it, eh? Three clutches behind you and a lifetime to go. You'll be my boon companion with Diagirsk and we shall all do greath things. Together, we'll achieve my mastery. Now that I've got you, my golden girl, the very last thing that I want in my life, the last thing I need to make this life complete, is that mastery. I'll work with Master Insera and do as she asks and requires. My goggles have taken right off and they're a hit. So many people like my goggles. Maybe that will help my case."

Ziya huffed her agreement into Diagir's hands.

{Ziya know 'gir can do. 'Gir raise Ziya gud 'n 'Girsk gud. Ziya lay three clutch, all hatch gud. Ziya lay Lustre!} The queen's pride was distintive there. {Lustre brat but Lustre gud. Lustre Ziya's. Who say can do that? Ziya's 'Gir can, yis.}

Quite the speech from a wher, but definitely the vote of encouragement from his queen. Diagir laughed and ruffled her face affectionately. "Thank you, Ziya. I greatly appreciate it. You're right, I do have an amazing brown wher, and an astounding queen who herself had laid another queen in just her third clutch. And from a bronze who'd never ran before. You're such an astounding girl."
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