Re: Runner From the Barracks (Attn: Sh'ain/Garatt)

Kevin M

Sh'ain laughed at his reaction.  "Sure, now.  Back then she was just another Candidate.  Although she was considered one of the favorites for Impressing a gold.  Then again, most people wouldn't have expected Kassia to Impress gold," he added with a shrug.  "Hard for any of us to know.  But I'm glad to hear you're good.  You're definitely looking better," he added quietly.

On Sun, Nov 22, 2020 at 05:44 PM, Laura Walker wrote:
Garatt had indeed listened enough in those lessons and his eyes went wide and round. "Not-- not the Weyrwoman Cathern?" Because obviously important people were far too busy for mucking around on runners. He was meant to be far too busy for mucking around on runners and he didn't really feel important at all.

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