Re: Out For A Brisk Walk Att: Bl'by/Andronda

Laura Walker

Bl'by laughed, and sounded much more like the man she'd danced with than the shy formal one he'd turned into when he found out who she was. "Isn't it though? I'd forgotten what is was like to go for a walk without my shirt sticking to me." He fussed again over the wher, hands busy even as he spoke to her. "Just as well I didn't bring Tiddler out though isn't it, hm? You'd have had him for dinner I bet."

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> "Ach, he's fine." Bl'by was more than up for wrestling with the young wher. The owner he might have been nervous around, but Pochi was just fine and he spent a happy minute or so greeting Pochi with a rough and thorough caress before remembering that he was indeed wary of the owner.
> "Sorry, Goldrider," he apologised belatedly. "I'm distracting you from your walk."
"Not at all!" Andronda said airily, waving her hand dismissively.  For
his part, Pochi rumbled with delight at Bl'by's caress, butting his
head gently against the man's legs for more.  "I'm just enjoying the
glorious weather, actually.  It's *wonderful*!"

There was no mistaking the delight in her voice, and the excited smile
on her face made her look very young indeed.

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