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Laura Walker

She wasn't the only one enjoying the lack of heat. Between having tentative permission to return to drills and the change in the weather Bl'by was feeling positively bouncy and full of energy in a way he hadn't in a long while. A walk around the Lake felt positively obligatory, or even a jog. Or a run, revelling in the feeling of his body moving, properly moving, of actually being properly tired enough to stop and not just wheezing so much that he couldn't keep going.

Steady. Get carried away and the Healers would snatch him off drills as quickly as they allowed him on there. Still he was moving with more ease and speed than he had since he had arrived and reacted on pure instinct seeing the young wher, forgetting for a second who owned it and crouching to call it.

On Sat, Nov 21, 2020 at 9:49 PM Jerzy Tobin <jerzytobin@...> wrote:
When Andronda had woken up that morning, it was decidedly much cooler
than was normal for Arolos weather.  After so long in the sweltering
Southern heat - even in the cooler season they were currently in - the
cool down was absolutely delightful.  The young goldrider went about
her day with a lot more energy and a much better mood than she'd had
in a long while.  With as cool as it was, Andronda wasn't intending to
spend the whole day cooped up in her office, either.  After her lunch,
she harnessed Pochi up and took the young wher down towards the lake
for a walk.  The exercise would do them both good, and she could enjoy
the weather, even if most of the people around her had been
complaining about it all day.  To her, it was just grand!

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and loudly proclaiming: "F*** ME, that Rocked!!" -unknown

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