I lived (DWC 11/11 SA)

Amy Frazey

(OOC- backdating to just after the last Gather, when Zy'fen decided to get back on his foot.)

I lived. That's what Zy'fen had to keep telling himself. "I lived." He said it out loud that time.

Behind him, Nerenth rumbled. {{*We* lived. And I am glad. I am glad we did not go into the cold *Between*.}} The brown dragon raised his head and gave His a level look. {{And we will continue to live. Nothing is too hard when we're together. I won't have it any other way.}}

Zy'fen knew it was mostly Nerenth's determination that had gotten him out of his slump, and he was grateful. The presence of Illeana and Tianmar had helped too, and Zy was still a bit in awe of his first child. All in all, life was looking up.

"I lived." This time, Zy'fen said it gladly.

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