Re: Who, Me? Attn Valder

Laura Walker

Garatt's hand went to his pocket automatically before he glanced hesitantly at Valder. It was a fleeting glance, up and away again, not quite making eye contact. "I uhm. I have treats. For Master Tolfast's Tilly and Shep." Which maybe explained something of why the boy was there even if he wasn't wearing any knots. "If it's okay to give her some?"

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Sig scooted even closer to the scared boy, [Sigrun good. Food?]]

Valder shook his head at Sig, then nodded at the lame cow. "Aye, she'll be fine. I'll let one of the herders know, so they can give 'er a lookin'  over. 'm sure they'll make sure she's taken care of."


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