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Laura Walker

"Garatt, sir." He was edgy still, whole body tensed as though ready for trouble. "I wasn't going to-- one was limping and I was just trying to see what she looked like so I could tell someone." He fidgeted, shifting his weight from one foot to the other. "I just wanted to see if she was hurt, that was all."

There were kids who cringed when you looked at them and then opened their mouths and you could tell from the way they spoke that they'd likely been brought up on poverty with barely a decent meal in their lives. That wasn't Garatt. He shifted and squirmed with that same nervousness but he spoke nicely, words hurried and falling over each other but still carefully enunciated in the way of a boy who had been well brought up and educated.

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The quick change in the boy  -he was acting like a beaten pup- made Valder step back and hold up his hands in a calming gesture. His tone and words had been a bit rough, as usual, but he hadn't been trying to scare the boy.

Valder clucked his tongue, like he would to calm a nervous heavy, and he spoke soothingly. "Hey, hey. Nothin' to 'pologize fer. Ya didn't do nothin' wrong. What's yer name?"

The change in the smell of the boy made Sig scoot closer to him, though she wrinkled her snout at the sour smell of his terrified sweat. [[Sigrun calm. Sigrun nice, yes? No stampede.]]


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