Re: Who, Me? Attn Valder

Laura Walker

Garatt wasn’t scared of whers —in fact he was a good deal less nervous of Sig than he would have been of her human. But a wher pulling at his trousers, loose as they were, was at serious risk of pulling them down. He was nervous besides of any thing getting too close to his backside, in the way it was automatic to protect an area that hurt lest something accidentally made it worse.

It meant that he turned to try to face her, grabbing at his trousers with one hand —his bandaged hand— to try to hold them up. But that meant he was hanging on to the very top of the fence with one hand and one foot, far more precarious than he had been a minute ago.

“Don’t, please.” That was polite rather than pleading. He liked whers well enough and despite the fact this one was trying to grab him had no thought that it might hurt him. Tilly never had and besides it seemed friendly. “Let me climb down.”

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The first thought that popped into Valder's head when Sig said she smelled a new man was beast rustlers. But he quickly dismissed that idea. Who would dare try to steal here, where dragons patrolled?

Valder looked around quickly, then gave a nod and a sharp whistle. He'd spotted someone standing up on one of the fence rails, leaning over and looking like he was about to fall into the corral. ((Sig, cut and hold.)) He whistled again, and gave the green wher an image of the person, a boy from the looks of it. And the eager green sprang into a run along the fence line.

It didn't take her long to reach the boy, and she lept up to snag his clothing with her paw. [[Down! Sig hold. Who you?]] The green wher pulled, urging the boy to get off the fence, as the herd began to get restless due to her closeness.


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