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"You did it! You did it." Garatt started to climb the fence to try to get over it but that hurt so he jumped down instead, running around to go through the gate to her, grinning. "And you kept your seat just fine!"

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> If you couldn't ride then watching someone else ride was... well, not *as* good but better than nothing. Garatt perched at the side of the jumping field, feet balanced on the bottom rung of the fence as he leaned against it, happy to provide Lennaye with an enthusiastic audience as she practiced her jumping. "Go on, go on, go on -- that's it--" His voice was quiet, talking more to himself under his breath than cheering Lennaye on out loud, leaning further over as she approached the jump.
Lennaye sat firmly in her saddle, feet tucked into the stirrups as Pip
trotted around the corral.  They had been running harder beforehand,
to work out some excess energy, but Lennaye did want Pip to be moving
too fast for what they were going to be doing today.  Today they were
going to try jumping hurdles, and Lennaye was, understandably, nervous
about it.  It had been terrifying enough learning to ride Pip at a
canter, and then a gallop!  At least the runner had stayed on the

Sure, the jump bars were low, hardly more than a little hop for Pip,
but for Lennaye it might as well have been a huge leap!  But she
wasn't going to chicken out now.  Not when she had Garatt watching
her!  Well, it was now or never.  Lining Pip up with the hurdle,
Lennaye urged the runner forward, and eager as always, Pip did as she
was bid.  She didn't flinch at the hurdle, didn't stop short, either.
Nope.  Pip hopped right over it and kept on going, like it was
nothing.  And to her, it really wasn't.  To Lennaye, though, it felt
as though she and Pip had gone flying half-way to the moons! They'd
done it!  Their first jump!


T'ryn had taken some time to come down at watch Lennaye practice, and
had quietly watched as she worked with the runner.  He stood a small
distance from another watcher, a boy who was likely another
beastcrafter apprentice.  He hadn't wanted to disturb the boy, or
distract Lennaye, so he'd kept quiet, cheering softly as they made the
jump so as not to startle the pair.

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and loudly proclaiming: "F*** ME, that Rocked!!" -unknown

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