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Well, you couldn't please everyone. Although Tyne was certainly a little surprised at how offended the firelizard seemed to be. But then they were all individual creatures with their own equally individual quirks. She was returning to what she was doing when the sound of a voice stopped her. "Fair skies to you, Dragonhealer," she offered politely. She couldn't exactly say he was familiar to her because she hadn't exactly spent much time on that side of the Infirmary barring the shadowing she had done with the likes of Ambrelli.

"There's nothing to apologise for, a lot of the firelizards get curious about me. Although I've not encountered one quite so standoffish before. Most of the time it's like fascinated children with a thousand questions." She offered Kaji a wry smile. "Both he and your green are welcome whenever they like. The faire tends to adopt temporary stragglers on a daily basis." To the peculiar white firelizard she gently pressed what she thought of as the "apology note" - a sensation she had felt from the others when Bobbin chided them for being too excitable.

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>>The response intrigued her. It was different but that didn't mean it was unwelcome. Normally the firelizards were baffled by her, but she was rarely met with abject hostility. Still watching the flit, Tyne cocked her head as she watched it carefully. Carefully, she filled the mental space between them with a sensation similar to the one Bobbin used to comfort the faire. This new one was welcome in this space, safe, but welcome most of all.

The colour intrigued her. She had never heard of it being possible for
such an extreme discolouration but, in the realm of possibility, she
supposed it was possible. Amazing what factors could have an impact on
these things.<<

Kawaii offered another hiss at the second attempt from the woman
puffing up his chest and spreading his wings just a bit to look
bigger. No he didn't like this why did she keep trying. He only wanted
to see her not talk to her, but she kept trying to talk to him. ~~taky
huamn~~ he offered Kaji when his pet sent feelings asking what was

Kaji wasn't sure what was happening, but he was sure he needed to go
check it out, which luckly he had gotten the last the things he had
been working on stored so he could. It took him a moment to locate
which was Kawaii was and make his way towards his littlest FireMaker,
but he made it as quick as possible. "Kawaii." He called to get the
flit's attention off of Tyne once he realized what was happening.

The little white grumbled clearly displeased but at the appearance of
his Pet moved from his perch on the wall to Kaji's shoulder resettling
himself properly without the attempt to make himself look larger. He
wasn't sulking for being scolded, he /wasn't/, it wasn't /his/ fault
she kept trying to talk to him.

Kaji rolled his eyes at the little white lifting a hand to scratch
under Kawaii's chin before turning his attention to Tyne "I'm sorry
about him. He's too smart for his own good most days and not friendly
to most." he explained before offering her a hand "I'm Kaji one of the
DragonHealers, this is Kawaii, and I think I see Green Star over there
trying to flirt with a bronze, wondered why she had actually left too.
Neither of them usually go far."


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