Three Men and a Note (attn: R'kyo, Get'ew, Sh'ain)

Mya L. R.

Most attention had been on the Hatching, and was on everyone's mind for several days later.  That, of course, didn't stop pregnant women from going into their own Labor during that period, or from dumping that child into the creche afterward.  Mezemme didn't really give them much information to go on for this new baby.  But, she'd told them one thing that prompted them into sending out three letters that would soon be delivered to R'kyo, Get'ew & Sh'ain.

'Good day, sir
Let me first apologize for possibly adding more onto your plate after the recent Hatching, among other events.  Apparently you're one of three men who may've had some sort of...'relations'...with one Mezemme about 7 Turns ago that resulted in her first child.  A daughter that's since been named Mezea.  It was just in these last few days that we were provided the names of Mezea's potential fathers.

Mezemme has...already made her position on Mezea's care known.  And, though belated, we wanted to make sure all the other potential fathers also had a chance to have some say about that too...'

The note continued on by listing some standard care information.  There was no other mention about Mezemme or what her position was before the note had been signed by the crecheworker that'd written the note.

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