Re: For Want Of A Horse Attn Tolfast


Tolfast wasn't certain what to expect, but he was a man who preferred to be prepared for all scenarios. He could barely see the shape that bolted toward the fence even with the glow basket. This is where Tilly would provide the advantage. Her specialized eyes had no trouble locating the fleeing boy and she scampered after him on small legs, bugling angrily. {{No run from Tilly!}} 

The runners had scattered to the far side of the field over the commotion. Tolfast would check on them later. He vaulted less awkwardly over the fence than anticipated, landing with only a minor stumble on the other side. "You, stop right there!" He shouted, racing after them.

Tilly skidded to a halt a few yards away from the boy, continuing to bounce where she stood in excitement. With teeth bared, her rumbling noises might have been considered threatening were she any bigger than a canine, but her resemblance to a yapping pup was uncanny. {{Tilly catch!}} She announced with pride, stalking forward with a giddy hop. Suddenly, she froze, nostrils flaring with a scent she found familiar. She knew this two-legs! {{...Play? Play, play!}} The little green's demeanor changed abruptly and she leaped forward to butt Garatt's leg with her headknobs.

Tolfast finally caught up, raising the basket high to illuminate the pair as he approached at a trot. "What are you-- Wait," he began to demand, but his severe expression turned shocked. "G-Garatt? Is that you?"

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It had always been a stupid plan. Runners were fast and they were big and none of them had any intention whatsoever of being caught, If Garatt, by some miracle, did get close they pushed past him to get to the other end of the field. He wasn't a trained BeastCrafter; he was a skinny fourteen turn old with a hurt hand and the picture in his head where his favourite runner just decided to let him climb on was never going to happen.

But getting caught? That was worse than failing. That would get him straight back to M'ayen, with more ammunition for the ACM to use as punishment. Garatt's breathing stuttered at that thought. He knew just how severe the ACM had been over cheating. For something like theft.. and runner theft at that..

He tried to run, seeing the man but not the wher in the dimly lit field. Desperation lent him a burst of speed, but that got him as far as the fence. The fence where he gripped it with both hands and tried to pull himself up and over, forgetting in his panic why he hadn't been using that plan. The flare of pain made him drop back with a yelp, cradling his hand.

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Tilly may have been a young green wher prone to playfulness and inattention, but she took her "job" as nightwatch very seriously. On a long tether that let her sit near the entrance to the stables without Tolfast at her side, her view of the surrounding beast pens was remarkably clear. Had the runner not screamed in alarm, it's likely she would have eventually detected the intruder's presence, but that shrill whinny alerted her immediately. 

{{Bad two-legs! Tilly see!}} She strained against her line, pointing like an arrow toward the field. {{Tilly catch!}}

Tolfast happened to be awake when he received the wher's message and abandoned the scrolls he had been reading before bed. Sleep rarely came easily to him. Leaping out of his armchair in response to this emergency, he wasted no time stuffing feet into his boots and racing out the door, everything else abandoned in the moment. Shep snored peacefully at the foot of his bed, undisturbed. 

Swiping a basket of glows from the wall, he made his way out across the stable yard casting long shadows as he went. Tilly was bouncing at the end of her tether when he approached, and he freed her to join him. One could never be sure what or who they would find. She raced ahead down the path that circled the pens, and Tolfast jogged to keep up. 

"Ho, who goes there?" He called, announcing himself as they neared the scattered runners. Tilly darted through the fencing, her keen eyes on the boy.

{{No take!}} She commanded, though her tiny stature was less intimidating than she would have liked. 

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"Please don't make a noise."

Garatt knew exactly what field to head for, looking for his favourite runner. If they had moved her-- The worry gnawed at his stomach as he opened the gate, habit making him close it behind him. It would be awful it he didn't catch her and she got out anyway and to the dragons.

"Come on then, come on, girl, please."

It was dark and the runner, friendly enough by day, was not particularly keen on being approached by strange boys at night. She shied away as he approached.

Usually an orangeroot helped. But he hadn't brought an orangeroot.

"Please, girl. Please."

Garatt was moving slowly and stiffly. The runner was not. She let him get almost within grasping distance and then whinnied, a high alarm sound, and bolted past him to the other end of the field. Garatt followed, and tried not to cry. It was clear this plan had its faults.


Blackadder: I mean, what about the people that do all the work?
Baldrick: The servants.
Blackadder: No, me; *I'm* the people who do all the work.


Blackadder: I mean, what about the people that do all the work?
Baldrick: The servants.
Blackadder: No, me; *I'm* the people who do all the work.

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