Re: Who wants eggs {Fellan, Isirdux}


Well, he was eager to see a flit egg up close, but at the same time, if they were being watched elsewhere, Isirdux didn't want to be getting in the way. And besides which, he'd get to see it soon enough, when it was given to him., right? He didn't need to pick out any specific egg, just having one given was enough.
"Any egg is fine," Isirdux said slowly and carefully.<<

Fellan considered the older male for a moment before shrugging it off
and pulling a scrap of hide from his pocket and writing out a note to
his Mama asking her to bring down one of Sharp's eggs for him. Rolling
up the note a mental image to Sharp had her make her way down his arm
and onto his stack of hides offering him her leg. He secured the note
before impressing on her the images of Rena and Hobath along with a
sense of urgency getting her to head off quickly. As soon as she
blinked out he resisted the urge to shudder, he didn't think he would
ever be used to not having one of them around now. Still now was not
the time, she would be back quickly or send him Storm he knew, but he
needed to be outside to meet Rena and 'Bath when they landed.

Clearing the slate again he wrote out a "Mama will bring one down with
her dragon, we'll meet them outside." and laid it to where the other
could read it to give Isirdux a moment to read it while Fellan cleared
up his mess of hides. Once he had them rolled up and secured he waved
the older boy to follow as he made his way out scribbling a "Done for
the day." on his slate that he held up for one of the Jm they passed
who barely paused enough to read it before waving him on. Fellan
ignored the usual treatment from the others, hooking his slate to his
belt, and his stick back into the pouch he had for it even as he
pulled out two leather cuffs from another pouch securing one to each
wrist where there were clearly tan lines, each holding five bells on

It hadn't taken too long for them to get out to a place where a dragon
could land, but it had been enough. He paused his progress when Storm
appeared from between in front of him, glad for the blue's presence as
he let him lose some of the tension he had gotten from the breath
Sharp left, holding his hands up to the blue flit. It was as he looked
up though that he also noticed a familiar blue just coming down and
landing far enough away he wouldn't kick dust up onto him or the
candidate with him. He mentally reached out to Hobath hoping he was
listening even as he grinned moving towards the pair with a [[Hello
'Bath]] glancing back at Isirdux to make sure he was following, but as
always eager to be with his family and not exactly slow in moving to
met the blue and his rider.

Rena quickly spotted Fellan and the boy with him that Sharp had given
her the image of when she asked the gold why Fellan wanted an egg. She
was careful when she slid down Hobath's shoulder using one hand to
grip the rather fully carry bag she had over her shoulder. Once she
was on her feet she shifted the bag to a better position and moved
towards the two boys waving to them before starting to speak once she
was close enough. "::I guess you are why Fellan needed one of the
eggs?::" she questioned looking the unknown male over, as usual
anymore both speaking and signing at the same time, before really
taking in his knots "::A candidate then? How have you been coping?::"
she had to ask because she knew Fellan wouldn't think too. If his head
wasn't in a good place after the hatching he may not be able to bond
to the little hatching, so she had to ask.

ooc: sorry Rena's just gotta be worried for him for a moment make sure
he's ok~ish :)


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