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Truth be told, R'zzon wanted to tear into the package that minute, but he did want to get cleaned up. "Let me go change first, then I'll open it," he said, kissing her on the forehead.

Several minutes later he came back and gleefully tore open the package. On the one hand he would have liked to savor the moment, but he could see the anticipation on Tyne's face, and the pleasure she got out of his eagerness.

Painting fully opened, he stepped back and stared at it. "Oh, Tyne," he said, his voice husky with emotion

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As soon as the bluerider walked in, it was as though a light had been turned on inside Tyne. She seemed to glow from top to bottom and the huge smile touched her entire face. Even her eyes. Wiping her hands on the apron she was wearing, Tyne stepped lightly across the room and slid her hands behind her waist. He had the distinct aroma of someone who had just been working very hard in flight leathers and it was a familiar scent that over time, she had remembered was one she was allowed to like. Pressing her lips gently to his cheek, Tyne's eyes held a glimmer of mischief. "Present. You can open it after you wash up, dinner will take a little while yet. Or you could give in to curiosity and open it now." Part of her wanted to make him wait, another part wanted to see the canvas in the next second.

"Dinner" was nothing extravagant. But was going to be hearty and most importantly, comforting. She had comandeered R'zzon's klah stove into a makeshift oven on which a pot was bubbling. She had put together a soup with chunky vegetables and several different types of fish including smoked yellowfish, whitefish and some of the shelled curlfish that the kitchens had been happy to deskin and vein for her before she had collected. All served up in a creamy, flavourful broth that would be served with thickly buttered slices of bread made fresh that afternoon. No, nothing special. But was the sort of meal that just... seemed to make everything feel a bit better. 

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Drills were over, and for a moment, R'zzon was disappointed. Drills were familiar. They were routine. Nothing bad happened during drills, rather, they were a constant that could be relied upon.

But, Tyne was going to be at his weyr tonight. She was welcome at any time, of course, but it made him happy to know she would be there. It was something he could easily get used to.

{{Me too,}} Panagath said brightly. 

It was nice that she and his dragon got on so well. Weird, but nice. Pan had never taken to anyone else he'd slept with...

{{Because they weren't going to last,}} the blue said. He landed on his ledge and R'zzon unfastened their straps. He wanted nothing more than to go see Tyne, but he also was not about to leave the straps just laying about, or Panagath's ledge messy. No, that was how one ended up hurt, or dead. He remembered the tale during Weyrling classes of people who left their straps lying around, then getting their feet tangled up in them and falling to their deaths. It could have been a story made up by the Weyrlingmasters, but it didn't matter. If someone thought of it, it could happen.

Soon, but not soon enough for him he entered his weyr. "Mm, something smells good," he said, then stopped. "What's that?" he asked, nodding at the package.

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IC Date Reference: Set approximately 4-5 days post hatching. Approximately IC date

She had actually received the parcel from Harper Fenlyn several days before the explosion that had rocked the Caverns. Initially there had been all sorts of ideas as to how to present it to the Bluerider but they had gone on the backburner as the dragons keened. Desperate to escape the clawing tension in her mind, Tyne had spent several days throwing herself into the final work that the firelizard clinic needed before it could be opened to the Weyr's denizens. It had been a much needed distraction.

When the Hatching had finally come, they had sat there in the middle of the night, watching the dark shadows on the dimly lit Sands as disaster after disaster seemed to ensue. And all it did was fulfill the prophecy in her mind that the twin golds were nothing more than an omen of ill portent. As the screams of the blood-covered Candidate had rung around the Caverns as the Healers half carried her down the tunnels, it had been hard to stop her thoughts ricocheting to the parallels that she tried to conjure up in her own memory. Ironically, it was the girl who stuck in her thoughts far more than the poor boy who was ripped to pieces in front of their eyes.

It was clear that the Hatching had affected her and Tyne had been quiet and sombre in the immediate aftermath. But as the churning emotions settled, Tyne had turned her thoughts back towards the good things she had in her life. And after days of what seemed like endless sorrow, it felt as though now was the perfect time. 

She hadn't seen the finished piece herself but some preliminary sketches. The truth was, she couldn't wait to see it herself. She had every faith that what had been created would be something spectacular. So, Tyne had casually asked if R'zzon would like to have dinner at his weyr and if he would mind her letting herself in early whilst he was at wing drills so she could prepare it. Of course. part of that letting herself in early also involved carefully setting the large square package in the corner of his sitting area where the bluerider would spot it the moment he walked in. And as if there were nothing unusual going on, she had busied herself about with preparing their meal.

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Nutmeg on the Wizzy.
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I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times, so don't hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!

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