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Arendelth rumbled her pleasure at her chosen brown’s promises and pretty words as she let his wings and her own support them, fully letting herself be embraced by the brown and entirely focused on the ending of the Flight with her mate.

Feeling D’vik’s hand on her shoulder, Kinara let out a breath as some knot of worry inside her relaxed. Her former classmate would stay with her, she’d be safe. And, with that surety in her mind, Kinara sunk back into Arendelth as she lifted her eyes to the brownrider’s hazel ones. She trembled as she felt his warm muscled arms wrap around her, her own arms coming up to wrap around Get’ew’s waist as she stepped closer to the brownrider, her body hungering for him just like her green up in the air wanted Pengith. Her face turned up to his and Kinara gasped as their lips met, comforted by the warm body at her back and the steady hand on her shoulder…

~*~*~*~*~*~* Some time later, with sky barely beginning to lighten and the three of them lying uncovered in the grass/dirt/sand, twigs probably in their hair, stones in uncomfortable places, not to mention dirty/sandy...~*~*~*~*~*~*

It was bright with her eyes closed, much brighter than she was used to in her weyr and there was a breeze across bare skin that normally was covered with a bedfur. But she didn’t feel cold with the unusual breeze, not at all. She had warm skin pressed against her, holding her tightly, and that was just as it should be with Kiloka. 

But when that thought went through her fuzzy head, her weyrmate’s name, she felt a twinge of something from her green that she couldn’t quite figure out as she began to slowly drag herself out of the fog of exhausted sleep to become aware that something wasn’t quite right, something wasn’t *normal*. Her body felt...different...sore in ways that it had never felt before...well, she wouldn’t say *never* but she didn’t want to think of those times when it had felt worse, the times before Arolos and her green lifemate. It was too *bright* behind her eyelids and breezy...and even the air felt wrong...too heavy and full of different smells. 

As she began to pull herself more out of sleep, eyes still shut, she began to feel more aware of her body. As she shifted, stretching a bit against her ‘mates’, she felt the relaxed looseness of overly pleased muscles waring with not just a little soreness between her legs, the painful scrape on her back competing against the lingering feeling of euphoria, the breeze caressing her sensitive uncovered chest not quite strong enough to make her ignore the sharp point of a random stone in her side, the feeling of arms wrapped around her as she was pressed to a hardly muscled chest while her arms were wrapped around a large warm torso that pressed against the soft skin of her front, her legs tangled with her ‘mates’...


Stone pressing into her side, breeze on her chest...bodies against her back *and* front…’mates’? 

With a quick, soft, indrawn breath, Kinara’s muscles tensed as she came fully awake. But she was too wary to open her eyes or otherwise move and let ‘them’ know she was awake before she pieced things together herself, unaware that her initial gasp and tensing body would have clearly signaled that to whoever was lying on the ground with her.


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When Get'ew spoke and drew her attention, Kinara/Arendelth left where
she was standing by Lor'ci and drifted over toward the taller man,
tilting her head to the side curiously at his words. She gave a
pleased sound at his words before saying, sounding far away, "Well
said, brown...Mine Needed, I Flew to Provide."

Pengith, with his wise response to her query, drew Arendelth's
attention and her admiration at his gracious answer. The brown had
even said he *needed* her, needed her speed and her agility.
Arendelth, quite pleased with his saying outright that he needed her,
tilted her wings toward him so that she could better admire him.

Kinara/Arendelth's eyes glanced over Rena, teasingly walking over
toward the other woman but continued to stay just out of reach with
her movements that were slowly looking more and more fluid and less
stilted. Her hands even drifted up once or twice to the buttons of her
shirt as if tempted to undo a few of them, but then stopped just
before her fingers could.

And then her other wingmate drew her attention with his flowing words,
his promise to defend her. And to let him command her. But *she*
didn't really want to lead...she wanted someone strong to lean on, to
be her be her friend, but she didn't want to lead them.
She was only a green, after all. But, his other words had painted a
beautiful picture to the green and so she showed her appreciation with
a rumble of pleasure.

Arendelth was...getting tired. Flitting back and forth in the air,
darting forward after letting one get close enough to think he stood a
chance, then shooting to the side in a neat twist of her wings before
diving with a small barrel roll only to spent time climbing up high
again even though she sought out every warm thermal she could to boost
her up higher. But even using every trick she knew, she could feel the
weariness in her muscles beginning to tremble and she knew she'd have
to pick soon from one of her suitors, those who hadn't been left
behind that is.

She was gravitating toward 3 specific blue dragons the most, her
clutch brother or either of her wingmates as she was the most familiar
with them. Arendelth flitted between them, studying their movements,
their flying, seeing if any of them were abnormally tired. Trying to
choose the *best* option for her and her lifemate, for what they
needed tonight. Trying to outlast the burn in her muscles, she'd *just
about* made her choice and banked her wings to head toward large and
steady blue Trometh, when out of the corner of her eye she saw a
*different* suitor, one the color of trees able to withstand
windstorms and monsoons. Turning to look at brown Pengith, his
impressive words fresh in her head, and suddenly in an agile twist of
her wings that was...actually a bit painful as Arendelth jerked
herself around, the glowing green headed straight toward Pengith with
a simple {{You need me? And I accept you. Fly with me our
steady shoulder, our rock...our tree in a storm.}} And the green
embraced with the brown, tail twining with his.

Kinara/Arendelth, who'd been heading for D'vik at the same time her
green had seemed to have made up her mind, reaching out a hand to her
clutch-sibling...her weyrlinghood classmate. But, when Arendelth
suddenly did that painful twist in the air a hiss of pain escaped
Kinara's lips as she flinched back...and then she froze as Arendelth
twined her tail...not with Trometh but with...with a brown dragon
instead. Turning, movements a bit more hesitant now than they had been
before even though Arendelth had made her choice, Kinara/Arendelth
turned her hazel gaze upon Get'ew. Without speaking she took the
couple steps toward this unknown brownrider to put herself just within
reach of him being able to embrace her slightly trembling small frame.
Then, in a flash of Kinara breaking through so very briefly she pulled
in a sudden breath and shot D'vik a glance over her shoulder as she
nearly whispered the plea to her former classmate of "Please..stay

High above, Trometh rumbled as he was not chosen. But he wasn't one to
be a sore loser. He turned instead in a long low glide, giving himself
plenty of time to cool off before landing, he chose to land in the
surf, well away from the candidates.

On land, as the spell woven between D'vik and Trometh lessened, D'vik
heard the plaintive note in her voice, the note of remembered fear. He
could no more not respond to that than give up his dragon. He stepped
forward without a word and lightly touched her shoulder, showing that
even now, turns later that he would always be there when someone
needed him.<<

Pengith followed the sparkling green twisting his way though some of
the blues who got just a bit closer than he would like, but unlike
them and the green he had stamana. He could in the end out last them
even if that wasn't what he prefered, but it was his advantage in his
size and he knew it. Still when she move towards one of the blues he
nearly let himself fall back in defeat, but then she wasn't caught and
she was calling to him! He reached out to take her shoulders tails
twined together and offered a pleased rumble. {{I will always need you
glorious green.}} He promised once more {{My wings will carry you and
yours can defend me. I will always be here to keep you from any
storm.}} it was something easy to agree to, and even if she wasn't in
his wing, he meant it.

Get'ew followed Kinara as she moved though the males the tension
finally leaving as she at least seemed to relax. There was still
tension, but it was the proper kind of flight tension and that he
could put to the back of his mind as something to not be worried
about. He watched her move, the part of him still him not in the least
bit entised, but Pengith made her perfect when all he saw was her

He found himself tempted to try and pull closer to her, past a couple
of the others once or twice, but resisted no it wasn't how things were
done even if some part of him was eager to have things to an end. She
needed space and wasn't any more happy with this than some of them

When her green drifted towards one of the blues he found himself
following Kinara as she moved closer to the blue's rider and his
fingers itched to reach out and take. It wasn't their place, he never
had and he never would. But then he realized in the same breath that
Pengith did that there was suddenly a green in his wings. Kinara
wasn't as attached to him as Arendelth was to Pengith, but she was
there. It took another breath to realize that the blue had stayed,
that she had asked him to stay. He felt the part of him still flying
with Pengith want to growl at that, she had chosen, was he not good
enough? She had rejected this blue for him! The part of him that was
him though ... didn't mind. His mind registered enough to realize
D'vik really was a rather handsome thing and that? Well that didn't
bother him in the least he quickly decided as he embraced his green
offering a kiss and waiting to see what the little blue would get up


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