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There was two reasons she had waited around a sevenday after the Hatching before she went to speak to Master Larsin. For one reason, it meant that the bruising around her face had almost completely faded, leaving only a hint of discoloration. Oblivious to the fact that Mendl had already spoken to him, Dytha didn't want to give her Master any cause to question her. Of all people, Larsin was someone she didn't know how well she would be able to hold herself together if needled. For the other, she had wanted to finalise some notes and put together some of the samples she had been working on before she went to speak with him.

If she got this right, Dytha knew that it meant her Journeyman's knots would be in the bag in a few turns' time. Providing it all went to plan. With a small document folder under one arm and a small bag secured by the other, Dytha had decided to forgo the crutch in favour of being able to navigate door handles. And besides, it would do her good to have something to distract her from H'lan accosting her in the tunnel a few nights earlier. Thank Faranth that other Healer had come around the corner when she had. That's all she could say.

With a deep intake of breath to steady herself, Dytha knocked sharply on her Master's office door. "Master Larsin? Are you there? It's Dytha,"

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