Re: Ever The Twane (ATTN: Trifali, Y'sir)

Jessica Freise

She felt so weak, so overwhelmed, so very, very tired. Beside her, Dardueth stood, still bloody, but eyes whirling a concerned yellow. Trying to remember her classes, she stiffed her back and shakingly nodded with a quiet, "Yes, please."

{{ With meat comes blood~ }} Dardueth said. {{ Oh, that's what wonderful aroma was back there. }}

"How am I supposed to do this?" Trifali burst out even as the AWLM was turning to fetch a pale of meat. "She's in my head, along with that boy....and the girl, too. I know what she felt, what she tasted..." She had to swallow hard as her mouth flooded with saliva and her stomach chirned.

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Y'sir would have hugged Trifali if it wouldn't have been a very  bad idea. Especially with this Hatchling. Instead he kept telling her it'd be okay in different ways until they approached the feeding area. "Do you want me to bring the meat to you?"

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