Re: Hatching Feast - Such As It Is atten: Rennitz, Yiyu, any #HatchingForeth2020

Jessica Freise

Yiyu blinked, surprised at the look given her. Then her face fell. She hadn't gotten Rennitz anything. With Mertrith to tend to, the tradition had flown right out of her head. Still, she smiled to see Rennitz receiving *something* from her good friend.

On Sep 7, 2020, at 9:18 PM, Amy Frazey <amyfrazey9@...> wrote:

Gayatri gave the petite Yiyu an appreciative glance, admiring the firm strength behind her handshake. Turning back to Renn, she pulled something out of her pocket and held it out to her best friend. A pretty cream colored pearl,  not as large as the pink one her sister had sent her as an Impression gift,  but still a good size. "I brought you something to commemorate your Impression. It should make a good bracelet or necklace."

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