Re: Ever The Twane (ATTN: Trifali, Y'sir)

Jessica Freise

His words came to her in a sort of echoing silence. The world was trembling, fading in and out. The hand she extended abruptly had a bloody muzzle in it. She swallowed hard and managed a very subdued, "Trifali and greenĀ Dardueth"

{{ Did you see, Mine? Did you feel what I felt, taste what I tasted? It was wondrous! }}

"Be quiet," she whispered, and then again, softer, "be quiet."

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As soon as it was safe, Y'sir made his way across the Caverns to Trifali's side. He stopped a safe distance back. "Hello, I'm AWLM Y'sir. I'd like to help you two. What are your names?"

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