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V'drare listened to the night from where Vaidrarsk had paused to sniff at the ground. Faranth knew the tiredness he felt wouldn't be alleviated by an evening walk, but perhaps some of the restlessness would. Gently tugging on the leash, he got his green wher underway.

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Light evening settled on the chaotic Weyr and found Diagir out with his brown and gold whers. Ziya had her head high which usually signaled a run, but his math showed she was still far too early after Lustre's clutch. Perhaps she was just feeling particularly proud which would be acceptable given her color. Diagirsk, for his part, was walking with his head at medium height and his iron collar jingling on his neck. Ziya's own collar had been trimmed in brass to represent gold and fit quite nicely on her now that she was an adult.

The warm tropical night felt good to human and wher. Diagir himself was merely wearing a tanktop and shorts which showed off his myriad of scars from his Turns and Turns of wher training. Everyone was relaxed and calm, perfectly approachable by man or beast.
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