Re: Hatching Feast - Such As It Is atten: Rennitz, Yiyu, any #HatchingForeth2020

Jessica Freise

"Yiyu of green Mertrith," she answered, taking the other Weyrling's hand in a swift handshake.

On Sep 7, 2020, at 12:23 PM, Amy Frazey <amyfrazey9@...> wrote:

Gayatri grinned back at her friend, "Yeah, it was kind of like that for me, too. We weren't in a separate cavern, but I still felt a bit let down over not Impressing gold, since there wasn't one in that clutch. Edyth made it all worth it though." Her grin widened as she recalled that moment, then Gayatri glanced at Yiyu. "Sorry, I'm Gayatri of green Edyth." She held out her hand for Yiyu to shake if she wanted.

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