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"Once or twice," Yiyu admitted, "but it was more for my comfort than hers." She smiled at the newcomer to conversation. "I don't believe I've met you formally."

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Rennitz turned to Gayatri when the senior Weyrling approached with a smile. "Thank you, Gayatri. It's surreal, to be honest. I was up standing with the gold eggs when he called me." Her tone was automatically full of love at her dragon's pronoun. She did chuckle a bit. "I thought his call was one of my firelizards at first and tried to shoo him off! But they both chimed in with their presence so I realized it was a dragon. I was... crushed at first because it meant that I'd never get a gold. But he was insistent and sort of angry, so I apologized to Foreth and ran downstairs.

"Oh, but that moment when I first saw those rainbow eyes..." Rennitz's voice became emotional and wispy then, as though talking of a lover. "I knew that here was my dragon, laid by Foreth just for me. Basilith is his name and he's my little fighter. Oh, he's downright vicious!" Rennitz laughed then. "He already got us in trouble for hissing at a classmate. But I corrected him. I... think that I might end up sleeping in his wallow tonight. Did either of you do that at any point?"
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