Re: Hatching - First Queenly Feeding ((Attn: Calyse, Kashara, Any))


Ko’ssen had been warned about the candidates who had been banned from the Hatching, and while one of them was still in the infirmary the WLM hadn’t expected the *other* to come walking out of the Sands with a dragon at his hip. So, he supposed he could be forgiven for having looked right at Asheren and his bronzeling, greeted them, directed them to a ‘bronze sized’ bucket, given them specific feeding instructions, and then moved onto directing the *next* new weyrling without being struck with the realization that he’d *just* spoken to the banned Candidate-turned-Weyrling. 

It wasn’t until there was a small lull in the new weyrling arrivals and Ko’ssen was planning on approaching the first of the new gold weyrlings that he got a second good look at the bronze weyrling standing near one of the gold weyrlings. The WLM’s eyebrows rose up in shock as his mind played over the fact that Asheran had *come from the Sands* instead of the bronze coming out of the Cavern calling for his lifemate. 

Straightening his back, Ko’ssen’s face went a little pale as it stiffened in anger when he thought of all the horrible things that *could* have happened due to this bronzeling deciding to flout his punishment. Striding over to the gold weyrling, banned bronzeling, and a new green weyrling just as the green let out a wail, Ko’ssen noticed that the greenling wasn’t focusing on her lifemate the way she should and the green had begun to feed herself. 

Frowning at that, Ko’ssen spoke up with a stern “Take care to focus on *your* lifemate, green weyrling Kashara, as they will take advantage of any moment you are distracted to eat faster than they should, or swallow before chewing. And you *don’t* want to be dealing with a case of Thicktail.”

Then he turned to the gold weyrling pair who he’d already greeted and congratulated when they’d first walked out of the Sands and in that same stern voice said “Good work on being quick to correct your gold’s behaviour, gold weyrling Calyse. Make sure only one piece of meat at a time until she chews and swallows, even though she is larger sized than her siblings.” With that, however, he pinned the gold dragonet herself with a look and directed this at Andorath “You however, would also do well to remember to show respect to your siblings, each of whom are just as hungry as you are and who are just as eager for food. As, once you are grown, they will be the ones flying high during Threadfall protecting you and your lifemate from the worst of ‘Fall in the Queen’s wing. There *was* plenty of table space for you to get to a bowl of meat without shoving aside one of your siblings, regardless of what color they are. The food wasn’t going anywhere. Understood?” Zerenth, who was nearby and watching the interaction between his rider and the newborn gold, lent his own presence behind his lifemate’s words with a rumble of warning directed at the gold to *listen* to his rider.

With that taken care of, Ko’ssen finally turned his eyes to the bronzeling who was standing there looking as relaxed and confident with his *swagger* as if he’d done *nothing* wrong but what he’d really done was put every single candidate on the Sands in danger....and this time they were narrowed as he looked at the new weyrling. When he spoke, there was actually a touch of cold fury clearly evident in his voice “And you, bronzeling Asheran...I *believe* that you were actually *Banned* from the Sands for this Hatching, is that right?”

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"Hey!" Kashara protested as Rusalth was shunted to the side and let out an angry wail. She laid a calming hand on her lifemate and guided her to a place slightly to the side. She noted the gold, but wasn't about to be pushed aside.

Then Calyse and Asheran called her at about the same moment and she looked around at both of them. "Congratulations!" she said. Then noted the gold at Calyse's side after seeing the bronze at Asheran's. The one that had been pushy. She decided further words wouldn't go well. She merely smiled. "She's beautiful and he's handsome. We're so lucky."

She realized that Rusalth was starting to gulp down meat. "Ooops." She turned more attention back to her lifemate. "Easy, love. Let me get pieces for you."

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