Re: Hatching Feast - Such As It Is atten: Rennitz, Yiyu, any #HatchingForeth2020

Jessica Freise

"He's gorgeous," the older Weyrling pronounced before she smiled brilliantly at Rennitz. "I've heard so much about the hatching, it's hard to know what you should believe."

A pause.

"Faranth's first egg, I have missed you!"

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"Yiyu!" Rennitz's face shone with joy at seeing her dearest friend and she almost went in for a hug but stopped herself. "How are you? Did you see, or hear?" She showed Yiyu the weyrling knots on her shoulder with deep pride. "I Impressed! His name is Basilith and he is a most interesting blue. I hope he'll be friends with Mertrith."
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