Re: Hatching - Dark Riddles #HatchingForeth2020


His mind was too busy for this. Ronhim was having a lot of trouble thinking warm and welcoming thoughts. So much was going on in the Weyr and his heart was still full of unresolved anger...and being awakened in the middle of the night didn't help any! Still, this was the reason he was here; to find his own dragon and to then make a difference in the world. He so desperately wanted to do something important in life and to be more than what everyone had expected of him. He wasn't stupid and he could be more than a drudge....and this might be his chance to prove it.

Doing his best to clear his head he did marvel at how different this hatching was. Ronhim was a bit better prepared and at least his robe fit this time. Watching the the green and brown hatchlings with some amusement something began to bubble up in the back of his mind. His eyes focused on the little brown as it came running towards him and he felt the voice for the first time in his mind...and it felt like it belonged there. It felt so very right.

((Ronhim, come show me where to go!))

The new weyrling fell to his knees at the contact, happy tears coming to his face. Never had he imagined it would feel like this. For a short moment he forget everything he had been taught about what was supposed to happen now. At least till the first waves of hunger hit him. Collecting his wits he stood as quickly as possible, after giving Tredamth a warm hug in greeting of course!

"Yes....yes....we need to feed you. Come, follow me."

He began to walk, a bit dazed with the emotion of it all. And with that the new pair left the sands to begin their new life together.

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