Re: Hatching - Wriggling Gloom (Rennitz, ACM) #HatchingForeth2020


It started as a little niggle in the back of her mind, similar to her firelizards. Rennitz sent the thoughts a gentle quieting shush while watching the two gold eggs still. She was more than a little surprised when her two firelizards chimed in from their place outside to ask who she was talking to. Wait, that made no sense. What did they mean? There was Jevensha's golden presence, Aranck's strong brown one, and Basilith's-



Looking up at Foreth and then back down at the eggs, it started to dawn on Rennitz. She wouldn't be a goldrider, now or ever. All the responsibility she'd chosen to accept, all of the work-

{{Rennitz! Come on, come see my pet and help me choose a name for him!}}

- was now going to be directed to her blue. Giving Foreth and her eggs a sorrowful yet grateful look and a bow, Rennitz took off at full speed towards and down the stairs, nearly tripping over the stone until she reached the bottom to find the pale blue waiting there with a-

"- a tunnelsnake?" Rennitz asked him in surprise. "What are you doing with that, Basilith?"

{{I found it with Euryath's hel, though I did most of the work.}} Basilith was quick to point that part out with pride. Rennitz saw through him but let the blue believe what he wanted. 

"Alright... You should let him go, though. I don't think they'll let you have that in the barracks."

{{Why not?}} Basilith demanded with a fussy thum of his tail. {{It's mine!}}

"Pets aren't allowed in the barracks, Basilith." Rennitz's tone was firm as she put her will behind the words. The blue tried to continue to defy her but another push of insistence from his rider had the blue sighing and putting the snake down. The tunelsnake hissed at Basilith and tried to rear back to bite, but Rennitz kicked it away. "Come on, let's go get you food."

{{What's that?}} Basilith asked, snapping his sharp fangs after the snake and following Rennitz.

"You'll see, my love. But I promise you'll like it. I wouldn't lie to you, would I?"

{{Never!}} The blue's response was vehement and defined, sure that this perfect human could and would never lie to him. So Basilith followed Rennitz to where the AWLMs had set up food and went towards a bowl set aside for blues. {{Ahh, that smells positively divine, my dear. Is that for me?}}

"It is," Rennitz relied with a smile as she took it up and picked up some chunks of meat. "I'll give you these, but you must chew them, yes? Like this." Rennitz mimed chewing to show him and was pleased with Basilith mimiced her even without meat. "Good, like that. Now open your mouth so I can feed you." When the deadly maw was opened, Rennitz tossed in a couple gobbets of meat and watched as Basilith chewed slowly and then swallowed. "Brilliant! Well done, my love. Here, more."

The girl fed her dragon slowly while watching to make sure that he chewed the whole time. As he ate, she thought to herself. Well, now she had her blue which she could use to make sure Yiyu was okay. Beyond that, he would fly Thread and breathe fire to make sure Pern was safe. Win-win, really. Her fate was sealed with this blue, and she did want him. Faranth, did she want him. Was he better than a gold? Rennitz tentatively out to the feeding blue and immediately felt his love and adoration for her and allowed herself to get lost in it.

Basilith's love and devotion was full and complete. He worshipped Rennitz and would do anything for her. He'd fight and kill to keep her safe and would be her undying friend to the end. Rennitz didn't know when the tears started but they ran unchecked down her face as she fed the last few bites to Basilith. This was her best and truest friend and he was perfect, in general and for her.
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