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Trifali took her place beside the other girls, giving a respectful bow and greeting to Foreth. Her lower lip was unconsciously caught between her teeth, her heat pounding in her chest. Now was the moment of choice, the time of choosing. Impressed or not, her life would not be the same because she'd been privileged to see this hatching. Breath coming fast, she waited with the others.

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Rennitz approached the ueen, feeling a deep determination in her soul. She gave a respectful bow to the queen while a painful comiseration tinged the back of her mind. Foreth was so brave to see these little ones of hers hatching, especially after she'd just lost so many. Eight. Eight dragons who wouldn't see the light of day. For now, Rennitz focused her gaze on the two most important ones, the golds who had been isolated by their mother for their safety. They would hatch up here alone and find their mates. In a way, it was sort of poetic.

Deep down and with everything that she had, Rennitz prayed deeply to the hatchlings that one might choose her.
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