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"Not yours." Bl'by's voice was soft but firm and he shifted so that his large frame would block Kinara's view of the departing BeastCrafter. "Not for you, that one. Plenty of others."

He could free his mind now, release the vestiges of control that had held him in check, had let him touch Tolfast without kissing him (couldn't he have though, taken him by both shoulders and not just one, kissed him until he wasn't thinking so much that he could look so worried any more). Easier to let go of that now, better to fly.

And, grounded from Fall, this was the best way to fly. Traynth's lungs had none of the problems of his rider's, no gasping wheezes if he pushed his strength too far. His lungs were large and clear, and the air far above the riders was sweet and cold. They danced in the air and Bl'by could feel it again; the joy of a body that responded to what he told it to do, that could race as fast as he willed it to, turning sharp breakneck turns in pursuit of the green ahead of him. Little stamina perhaps, but who needed stamina for a green? Greens were small, and graceful, and speedy and Bl'by rocked on his feet as his mind followed his blue up and down and around in a dance where they never had to pause and gasp for breath and apologise for needing to stop.

It was flying, it was living and Traynth followed Arundelth with little possessiveness and all of the delight of a child playing a game, his swift changes in direction filled with the pleasure of 'see what I can do' and 'yes I can do that too!'. It was showing off, but showing off as much for his rider and his own self as the green in front of him, revelling in the feeling of pushing his body to its fullest extent.

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To Sixanth, Pengith, and then to Hobath’s comments to her, the green angled her wing slightly to shift toward each of the males in turn and give them a flirty little look over her wing, showing off the streak of paler green hide as she did so. Sixanth’s compliment along with his overconfident statement earned the young brown a snort of amusement at his presumption as she said to him {{Of course I will Fly high and strong. Love is not fragile nor is it just beautiful, and neither am I! However, it remains to be seen if you will be the one Flying with me at the end, the one who actually catches me, brash Sixanth. But compliments are never unappreciated when offered.}}

Pengith, as she swing her head to examine the older brown who was so *very* large for a brown, earned him an appreciative look as he called out to her not with honeyed words and statements of catching her but instead of being ‘conquered’ his words were the idea that they could catch something together. Like equals, maybe? The green wondered if a brown that was so large could mean that. Rumbling in pleasure as she tilted a wing and swung slightly closer to him, giving the brown a little bit of hope, Arendelth queried the large brown with {{Do you mean catch the skies together, like equals, wise Pengilth?}}

As Hobath called out to her, Arendelth turned her gaze on her Wingmate as she once again gave a tilt of her wings to angle herself slightly toward him. His complimenting her, not just on her beauty but also her skill in flying that this blue had actually had occasion to experience during Threadfall, the green gave a happy trill to the blue and responded back {{Striking Hobath, yes I will choose. Follow me, Fly with me, Show Yourself and me the strength in your wings to Fly to the end.}} And with that, Arendelth gave another flirty twist of her head at the blue before she darted away to tease another one of her suitors. 

The green glanced back, examining those who remained silent as she remembered a saying from her person...that it was the quiet ones you had to watch out for. She noticed the skill with which Panteranth was flying, the dappled look along his wings and side, his overall sleek look as he flew and with her own small and slender size she considered how well matched they would look. But then she turned to examine another potential mate, willing to bide her time and see if the sleek blue would be able to last with her.

As more riders joined the quartet already gathered close to her, and more dragons followed Arendelth’s green glowing form higher as she used any advantage she could to keep the distance between her and those following behind, Kinara kept her arms wrapped protectively around her as she moved around the area nervously and also keeping the riders at a distance. In the back of her mind, Kinara recognized a couple of her Wingmates joining those around her and there was a breath released in a rush as if she might just be able to relax now that she knew some of the riders around her more. But in the forefront of her mind was the need to keep them at bay, to keep out of reach, and that’s what she did. To Get’ew’s apology, Kinara gave a shake of her head saying back “ I’m sorry, for *her* doing this.” 

When K’sway, who she’d been sharp with as he’d gotten too close, and the other riders kept their distance and gave her space, just as their dragons up in the air continued to follow hers, Kinara’s quick and flustered breathing slowed down just a bit as she began to rub her palms against her upper arms as if trying to smooth out the shivers of desire she was feeling from her green that made her tremble just a bit as she watched the gathered riders with wary eyes. But she could feel more of Arendelth overriding her wariness, her panic, just a bit more as Kinara’s breathing stabilized at the arrival of a couple of her Wingmates. They protected her during Fall, so surely they would protect her here, if needed.

With a bit more of Arendelth’s thoughts flowing into her, Kinara’s hazel eyes turned to the ‘rider’ Bl’by had previously snapped atas he spoke, registering his words but not understanding why he looked shocked...Surely his dragon had *told* him that he was chasing Arendelth, right? Why else would he be gathered with the rest of the potential suitors. And when he began backing away, not quite catching Tolfast’s words to Bl’by, and Arendelth realized someone was *leaving*, there was a surge of feelings from Arendelth of hurt and...and *outrage* that it seemed one of her suitors didn’t actually want her, hurt and outrage that was echoed on Kinara’s face as she stared at Tolfast. The Flying green gave a roar of outrage high up in the air, turning to look over her shoulder, to see if she could see one of *her* males dropping away so quickly from following her, but it didn’t look like any of them were...which confused the green just as much as her rider down on the ground. 

And then Bl’by, whose lifemate had been the first to follow after Arendelth, the first to present himself to Kinara and try to comfort her, put a *hand* on the abandoner’s shoulder...all Kinara saw through the filter of her dragon was that one of *her* suitors was...was either running off another one, or...or the lusty green didn’t *know* what, but all she knew was that through her person’s eyes it looked as if *she* was not the focus anymore. Arendelth, Flying high up in the air, should be the center of all her suitors attention, no one else...and the hand on someone else’s shoulder was a step too far for the green.

And so, just as Arendelth swung her head around to pin Traynth with a small growl, making sure the blue was still focused on her, that same soft, low growl echoed out of Kinara’s throat before she knew what was happening and there was a flash of...of possessiveness in her gaze as she watched Bl’by’s hand on Tolfast’s shoulder. As far as Arendelth was concerned, until *she* chose who she wanted, they were *all* hers and should focus only on her. And then...and then the ‘rider’ who was taking one of her suitor’s attention fled, and Kinara’s still red-rimmed eyes watched him as he left, but they were less wary than before with the possessive feelings she’d received from Arendelth.

Kinara, still just barely hanging on to herself, felt...more than a bit unsettled by the fierce possessive feeling she was getting from Arendelth and gave a brisk shake of her head as she rubbed at her face a moment. But, as she realized that moment of distraction could be the moment any one of those gathered could get to close Kinara’s head came abruptly back up to watch them all carefully. Now, however, her arms were no longer crossed in front of her but loose at her sides and her movements to keep the riders at bay which had looked much like a skittish runner were...not *quite* that anymore. Now, the movements were a bit smoother, a bit...just a little bit more teasing, as if they were heading toward sultry the more Kinara let herself connect with Arendelth. 

She no longer looked or sounded quite so distressed as she was no longer murmuring apologies as riders gathered...but she didn’t quite look happy yet. More...more like she was calming down enough to be resigned to the early Flight, and whatever panic she might feel later for not getting a chance to be mentally prepared due to Arendelth just...just Flying when she shouldn't have...well, come what may. It’s not like she could stop whatever potential flashback reaction she might have...not at this point, not if all the preparation she’d done before and her past Flight experiences hadn’t helped her get to the point where it wouldn’t happen. She...she hoped it wouldn’t, this point there was no help for it if it did and she would just have to cope.

Up in the air, as Arendelth finished getting Traynth’s attention with her small growl, when she did a smooth barrel roll in the other direction, glancing back only once to see if Traynth was still following her, she caught sight of a familiar blue in her chasers. Swinging her head toward Trometh, giving a happy rumble, the green responded with {{Brother Trometh, I need you...I need all of you, right now, just as mine needs all of yours for comfort from the sad. But soon...soon we’ll only need one. Until then, we need you all.}}

As another rider moved to join them, as if arriving specifically to fill the spot of the ‘rider’ who had fled earlier, all Kinara registered at first was a tanned, bare chest...a *very handsomely muscular* bared chest at that...and her breath caught in her throat at the sight. And then his voice, sounding just that touch growly as he spoke her name, had Kinara swallowing hard before she looked up from that chest...and up...and up. He should have been intimidating, would have been approaching her like this, if she hadn’t let more of Arendelth take over. She had just enough of her to recognize that the bluerider was one of the FeastCrashers, one of her class, and Kinara let out one more apology, one that was even more heartfelt than the others had been despite his reassurances, and stammered out “D’vik...oh..oh Shells...that’s right, you’re here too! I’m, oh gosh, I’m really sorry!” 

But, even as she stammered out her apology and she noticed that he kept himself just as distant from her as the rest of the riders that she’d warned back, she couldn’t help that her gaze dropped back to his bare chest for a long moment before her eyes shifted to the other riders. Her red-rimmed hazel eyes, her cheeks flushed, her hands loose by her side revealing her bra-bandless chest as it rose and fell under her shirt. And, just as Arendelth began flowing through the air almost teasing each of her chasers, Kinara’s gaze turned teasing toward the riders surrounding her as she gave up the fight and let her green take over the last of the resistance she felt. She even began to sway not away but slightly closer to one rider after another...just as Arendelth wasn’t sure of her choice yet...

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Now Trometh, well he wasn't one that chased all the time. Something D'vik had always been a little relieved about. But this time, sensing the distress of his clutch mate. Trometh felt he must do what he was charged with and protect her from others, and possibly from herself. Within seconds of her launch, the large blue was in the air. He didn't waste much time in, what were to him pointless flatteries. He eyed the other chasers, and dismissed the other blues out of hand. He knew he was larger and had more stamina than they did. The brown got a good long look, but was ignored a moment later.

He simply wasn't important, only Arendelth was important. He flew as fast, and close as he dared. Saying to her simply. 

(( I am here for you sister, if you need me.)) 

He was wasted on pointless flattery, but he was there for her nonetheless. He'd make no pretty speeches, he didn't need to. He was there, that's what mattered.

D'vik barely had a moment to register that something was Happening before Trometh was gone, he reached out to the large blue, and got the simple answer of ((I chase.))

D'vik was a man who rarely cursed, but this time, the unexpected brought it out of him. "Shards." He threw his shirt, which he'd just removed down on his bed, where Bubu, his baby wher immediately curled up with it. Turning to his flits, he devoutly hoped that Elon was up to watching both Fabio and the wher, at least for a while. 

"All of you, Stay Here." Then he left his tent and joined the knot of people. Hearing Kinara's pleas and hurried explanations, his heart hurt for her, and being the protective type that he was, D'vik tried his best to angle his body close to hers but not in a way that would be intimidating. He knew from their weyrling days that she was a shy one.

"It's alright Kinara." D'vik ground out, his voice a bit more growly than was normal for him.
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