Re: Camping Trip Greenflight!!: Into the Unknown ((Attn: Kinara/Arendelth, any chasers))


Now Trometh, well he wasn't one that chased all the time. Something D'vik had always been a little relieved about. But this time, sensing the distress of his clutch mate. Trometh felt he must do what he was charged with and protect her from others, and possibly from herself. Within seconds of her launch, the large blue was in the air. He didn't waste much time in, what were to him pointless flatteries. He eyed the other chasers, and dismissed the other blues out of hand. He knew he was larger and had more stamina than they did. The brown got a good long look, but was ignored a moment later.

He simply wasn't important, only Arendelth was important. He flew as fast, and close as he dared. Saying to her simply. 

(( I am here for you sister, if you need me.)) 

He was wasted on pointless flattery, but he was there for her nonetheless. He'd make no pretty speeches, he didn't need to. He was there, that's what mattered.

D'vik barely had a moment to register that something was Happening before Trometh was gone, he reached out to the large blue, and got the simple answer of ((I chase.))

D'vik was a man who rarely cursed, but this time, the unexpected brought it out of him. "Shards." He threw his shirt, which he'd just removed down on his bed, where Bubu, his baby wher immediately curled up with it. Turning to his flits, he devoutly hoped that Elon was up to watching both Fabio and the wher, at least for a while. 

"All of you, Stay Here." Then he left his tent and joined the knot of people. Hearing Kinara's pleas and hurried explanations, his heart hurt for her, and being the protective type that he was, D'vik tried his best to angle his body close to hers but not in a way that would be intimidating. He knew from their weyrling days that she was a shy one.

"It's alright Kinara." D'vik ground out, his voice a bit more growly than was normal for him.
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