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At Trifali's nervous laugh, Andreya gave the other girl a slightly curious look, but didn't ask why she seemed nervous. Instead, she listened and then nodded in agreement about the end of the Gather as she also had a bit of a worried look on her face. 

But then her sister was moving on to talk about the classes and Andreya gave Trifali a small smile at the compliment and opened her mouth to respond before the other girl continued talking. 

When Trifali showed what she'd been hiding in her palm, Andreya's eyes went wide and Andreya glanced from the hair comb back up to her sister's face before reaching out to carefully take the comb saying "Oh my, it's beautiful Trifali. Thank you!" Holding it in her palm a moment, turning it over carefully and looking at it, Andreya sent her bronze a small thought and with a small chirp he took off from the back of her chair and went *between* in a rush of freezing air. 

Colzar, at Andreya's direction, had gone *between* back to his person's cot to retrieve something. There, sitting wrapped in soft fabric and in a bag that was tied with loops that he could oh-so-very carefully grab to pick it up. It took about a minute, and then the bronze was lifting off from the nightstand with the loops from the bag clutched tightly and going *between* back to his person.

Right after the bronze disappeared, Andreya responded to the previous comments saying "Yes, it was scary. I'm glad Kassia didnt get hurt, and that the person who *did* get hurt didn't get hurt very badly. I checked on my mom as soon as I got back to the Weyr, as we were together when it happened, and she got home just fine too." Then, trying to smile through the worry over how the Gather had ended, Andreya continued with "It's great that you're doing so well. If you do have a problem though, I don't mind if you come and ask to see if I can help."

It was just about this time that she felt Colzar's triumph at successfully handling the bag and it's loops and Andreya laid the hair comb down on the table in front of her as she flashed Trifali a sly grin and said "And, it seems we had the same idea..." Here Colzar popped out of *between*, looped bag hanging from his claws which Andreya carefully took from the bronze before he landed back on the back of her chair looking so very pleased with himself and she finished her statement with "...and I got you a gift too."

And with that, Andreya held out the small cloth back, tied securely shut with loops. What Trifali would see when she opened the bag was a bundle of soft fabric wrapped around a delicate glass figurine. The figurine wasn't entirely class though, it was actually a glass dragon that was nearly clear with hints of a golden color throughout that was perched on a rock that looked like it had been split open so that the pretty purple inside of the stone was visible. 

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"So many questions," Fali laughed a little nervously. "I had a wonderful time, though it was scary towards the end," she finished, expression going grave.

"It would appear that I am, while not quite as dedicated as you to my studies, I'm doing well nonetheless. The more I hang around, perhaps the more you'll rub off on me."

"It's a funny thing," she continued, finally withdrawing her hand and opening it to reveal the hair comb, "I seem to have picked up something at the Gather that would look wonderful on you."

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Andreya nodded firmly in agreement to her sister's words, observing the smile Trifali gave her flits, and replied with "Oh, very much so. Everything we are doing to prepare for our lifemate will be so helpful once we Impress. How are your studies going? Are you having trouble with anything?" And then with a smile Andreya asked "And I hope you had an amazing time at the Gather."

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Recalling her first night in the Weyr and her subsequent encounter with the green, Trifali smiled as she studied the pair of firelizards for a moment.

"I know what you mean," she said, referring to Andreya's comment about studying.

"If I'm not studying, I'm involved in activities. But it'll all be worth it, you know?"

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Turning to look at Trifali as the other girl sat next to her, Andreya gave her sister a slightly embarrassed look as she replied with "Yes, I studied a bit of politics as a Harper, but this is a bit more in depth than what I've previously studied. It feels like all I've been doing lately is either assisting Kassia, which I love doing, candidate and harper lessons, or studying trying to catch up with the other candidate's knowledge. Well, aside from the Gather, and taking care of these two darlings. Ellysetta is so particular when it comes how she must be oiled *just so* that she takes almost twice as long to oil as Colzar...and she wants a bath and oiling every day even though she's not got a speck of dust on her." 

Even though the words themselves could have been taken as complaining, the tone full of affection said these were not complaints at all and were instead amusing statements to the Harper-candidate. 

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"You look like you're studying hard," she observed as she sat beside the other girl. Reaching out, she flicked a page in the book and grinned irrepressibly. "Weyr politics, huh? I haven't figured out if they're fun or terror-inducing."

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At the question, Andreya pulled her head up from her study materials and blinked a bit as her mind had to drag itself out of Weyr politics studies and back to her surroundings. After a couple blinks, Andreya smiled at her sister and said "Of course!" With that, Andreya actually moved to shift some of the study materials a bit so they were not so spread out giving Trifali a place to sit either across from her or next to her (Trifali's choice). 

Andreya had actually not noticed that Trifali was hiding a hand behind her back, being now focused on making room for Trifali at the table she was at. 

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"Can I join you?"

Trifali asked from the doorway, one hand behind her back. In it was curled the small gift she had bought Andreya; pretty and delicate, she had thought the hair accessory would fit the girl. Her gray eyes danced with inner mischief as she waited for Andrey's answer.

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Andreya had been a bit shaken by the ending to the Gather, but she was back in the now familiar Candidate barracks and she'd already checked on her mom by flit to find out that her mom had made it home safely. So she was slowly relaxing again due to the routine of being a candidate with the classes, chores, studying and everything else, despite the worry she now felt toward her cousin's safety. 

It was actually in the free time hours after dinner, just a few days after the Gather, when she was studying in her favorite smaller, lesser used study room in the nook she'd claimed. Both her flits were with her because they sensed that their person was still unsettled, Ellysetta draped over Andreya's knees under the table and Colzar perched on the back of the chair she was sitting in as if he was standing sentry. 

In front of Andreya was spread out her study materials, and her head was bent over the hides with her damp hair loose and flowing over her shoulders. After her bath after dinner, instead of her candidate uniform she'd dressed in more casual, relaxed clothing very much not her typical outfit that would be more likely considered loungewear with her flowy, light blouse and loose wrap skirt that hung down to her knees at its highest point in an asymmetrical hemline.


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