Second Verse, More Pain Than The First (Arialae, any healers)


Nine months prior, D'cul's bronze Seteieth had flown Arialae's green Hugrith and Arialae had become pregnant by it. Remembering her time with Akron, she'd decided to keep in once she found out she was still carrying and had reported to her Wingleader her condition. Nine careful months to the day saw Arialae in the infirmary in... rather excruciating labor. She'd remembered it hurting with Akron and hadn't been surprised that this one hurt too, but the scale of the pain was immensely different. Add to that the blood present when her water broke, and Arialae knew that this one wasn't going to be normal. 

"Hugrith, I need to go to the infirmary," she managed to grit out through clenched teeth. Her green had been quite alarmed, of course, having forgotten the pain that had come with the first, and immediately thought her rider was dying. No matter how many times Arialae assured her that she was not, in fact, dying, Hugrith wouldn't hear it. It was bad enough for the green that, once they landed in front of the infirmary, she shoved her face with yellow-whirling eyes in front of the first person in healer colors she saw and beseeched them,

{{My rider is dying, oh do help! Help! Help!}}

"HUGRITH, I'm not dying, stop that!" Arialae chided as she slowly made her way down her green's side. To the healer, she gave what amounted to an apologetic grimace. "I am, however, in very painful labor. Water already broke and there was blood."
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