The Duties of a Queen (Keening Round Two) SA


Foreth had been patched up as best could be. Kassia would live and the sires were there, plus other dragons outside to protect the Caverns. Her eggs were as safe as they were going to be without her there and she had something she needed to do. She couldn't leave her Hatchlings to be gotten rid of somehow by the humans and since she could fly now, if awkwardly from so much time off, she could not pass off the duty to another dragon. Especially since she was responsible...She pushed the thought from her mind. She'd do her duty and put to rest the Hatchlings that would never see the light of day or Impress.

((Get out of my way,)) Foreth told everyone in the way and watched a moment as people and dragons scrambled to move from her path. Once she was satisfied, she turned to the linens blocking theĀ  horrible site. Delicately she moved the sheets aside with her claws to reveal the stomach churning sight again. The eggs and Hatchlings were mashed together. She dug her paw of her recently healed leg in under the entire carnage and lifted the whole into her paw. Even with so many eggs crushed, the bundle looked small in her huge golden paw.

After ensuring she hadn't missed anything beyond some bits of eggshell to be left as a reminder of what had happened, Foreth cradled her precious bundle and walked carefully out of the Caverns so she wouldn't smash anything else. A keen tore from her throat again, this time resounding through the Weyr. A short distance from the entrance, she stretched her wings and then folded them in again. She'd made few flights since her injury and she looked awkward as she took off, especially with one paw holding its bundle, but she made it into the air. She took one large circle as she continued to keen. It broke off for a couple of blinks as she went ~between~ and gave a farewell to the unfortunate Hatchlings.

The grieving Queen reappeared and the keen resumed as she landed, her paw now empty if a bit gooey and sandy. The keen continued as the night descended on them.

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