Re: Camping Trip Greenflight!!: Into the Unknown ((Attn: Kinara/Arendelth, any chasers))


Hearing the abnormally sharp tone from Bl'by, Tolfast fixed him with a frown and a furrow of his brows. He knew the other man to be so soft-spoken and diminutive, the way he snapped gave the beastcrafter pause. "Leave? But I just.. got..." His voice trailed off, protests forgotten in the wind as Kinara herself began to address him. 

Oh, did she ever look distraught. Had she not been very specific about warding them away from herself, about not letting anyone near, he would have felt compelled to put himself between them. Her explanation reached his ears and the key word finally made it through. "Oh! Oh, this is one of-- oh, shells." Color rivaling redfruit suffused his face as realization struck, his eyes wide when they next swept over the other men there. Though he lacked any real understanding of the process, he had *heard of Flights*, even if he had never truly experienced one himself. 

Stepping backwards once automatically, the urge to help a woman in distress warred with the command he'd been given to exit. "Are.. are you sure? She'll be alright?" He asked Bl'by, the only one he truly trusted among the group. "This feels all sorts of wrong."

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((Not *yet*!)) Sixanth snapped at his rider, the brown holding his own, ignoring the sudden influx of late chasers as much as he did the other ones, except to snort his disdain. Why should any of them have bothered, if they couldn't be respectful enough to be on time? ((Wondrous Arendelth, beautiful Arendelth, I will be here to catch you!))

Panterath kept flapping, steadily, though the blue was working with the wind, saving his strength by gliding and catching every thermal he could. Soon enough he would act, and not before. 

P'xian took a step back, though he didn't cede his position, only gave Kinara more space.

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