Re: Camping Trip Greenflight!!: Into the Unknown ((Attn: Kinara/Arendelth, any chasers))


((Not *yet*!)) Sixanth snapped at his rider, the brown holding his own, ignoring the sudden influx of late chasers as much as he did the other ones, except to snort his disdain. Why should any of them have bothered, if they couldn't be respectful enough to be on time? ((Wondrous Arendelth, beautiful Arendelth, I will be here to catch you!))

Panterath kept flapping, steadily, though the blue was working with the wind, saving his strength by gliding and catching every thermal he could. Soon enough he would act, and not before. 

P'xian took a step back, though he didn't cede his position, only gave Kinara more space.

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