Re: Oooooh Baby Baby (Nadia, Healer on duty in the infirmary)

Kate Polsom

The midwifery intuition struck, “Do you know when your last monthly was?” If she had just said nothing was staying down, perhaps, but adding in the fitting right, well, Dragonriders were somtimes a fertile lot.

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Nadia smiled. "Nothing is staying down or fitting right."

She tried her best to not let the irritation show.

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“What has brought you to the Infirmary today?” Rendan asked, pulling out a clipboard from a drawer to write notes on.

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"Alright." She said with a smile.

She followed him into the small exam room and was aware quickly of the scent of numbered and redwort.

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“Follow me and we’ll go to an exam room,” Rendan said, gesturing with his arm as he went to move towards an exam room. He would ask questions once they were there. 

The exam room was small, filled with various healer supplies. Smelled of redwort and numbweed.

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Nadia gave the healer a smile. "If you have some time, please."

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