Re: Trying to be Subtle atten: Tamalack/Kalain


"Well, Sleek is gold, therefore she's strong-willed. Chato and I ran into Diagre and Ziya the other day. Chato minded Ziya, but I had the feeling that if she and Sleek were both vying for his attention, Chato would mind Sleek ahead of Ziya." He sat up. "I could be wrong though." 

Something was still eating at Kalain, and Tam didn't like it. But he also didn't know what to do. He hated it when people kept bugging him about things, so he didn't want to keep harping on his friend. 

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Kalain shrunk in on himself. He felt like he was disappointing Tam by not saying anything. Fecked if he did, fecked if he didn't.

"Sleek still wants to pull ahead," he said. The two pups were now laying in a heap and panting on the floor. "She's starting to get more protective and possessive, too."

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