Re: Good Luck Can Be Uncomfortable (Attn: Reirel/Tamalak)


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Tamalak laughed. "True. I can imagine how bad it would have been if I'd stayed at Fort. Thank Faranth Margana got me and my sister out!" Especially since his mother died not too long after. He'd never really gotten to know her.

"And with this guy, who knows what he'll be capable of."

Chato looked up at him, and Tam swore he grinned. ~~Great t'ings~~ he said, then fell to the ground and rolled around on it.

"It's a nice evening for a walk. Though the days have still been too hot." 

On Mon, Aug 31, 2020 at 11:20 AM Kouga <hanjikouga@...> wrote:
>>"Oh, Hi. Reirel, right? Yeah, it's kind of hard to not be known. Chato, want to say hello to Reirel?"

~~'kay.~~ Chato went up to the boy and sat prettily. ~~'lo, 'rel,~~ he said.<<

"Yep that would be me." Reirel agreed nodding "Well maybe hard here,
but at least there isn't a whole Weyr looking at you and knowing who
you are and having expectations of you." he offered trying to at least
do what he could for the younger male.

"Hello Chato, how are you little bronze?" he added offering the wher a
grin of his own.

ooc: also Chato isn't on his sheet yet just as an fyi ;)


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