Re: Crushing Pain atten: any one in Caverns/Foreth


"You didn't see this." Larsin, R'tal trusted. Shalia, R'tal trusted. The apprentice, less so. He paced back towards Talith, stopping in front of the boy. "Do you understand? You didn't see this. The eggs were damaged, like the eggs last Hatching. The dragons took them between. It was.. very very tragic but -- no-one ever hears of this, you understand?"

N'shen moved to add his stare to R'tal's words, along with a solemn nod of assent once he was sure he had caught the boy's eyes. Nobody could hear about this. Faranth, how was he going to sleep? Nobody else should have to live with that. They would have to do something to help the apprentice cope, too, he was sure... 

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