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Larsin had glimpsed the devastation, heart plummeting. If there was any chance that any of the trampled dragonets were alive, the keening echoing through the Hatching Caverns, out to the Weyr, put to rest that hope. 

At R'tal's words he turned his attention to one of the apprentices who was patching up the minor cuts on the dragons' bodies. "You," he barked, "Go get blankets."  The apprentice gulped and hurried out of the cavern.

By the time Larsin was done bandaging Talith's eyes, the apprentice was back with an armload of sheets and blankets--anything they could find quickly. Larsin nodded. "Finish up the bronzes, I need to go attend Foreth." Not for the first time that day he wished Mendl were here, instead of off gallivanting on an island with other candidates. When she got back, he planned to speak with her about her Candidacy. Maybe she could consider this her last time Standing. 

He took the towels and a couple bladders of numbweed/redwort mixture and stood in front of Foreth. "I need to make sure you're not too burnt, my Lady," he said with more respect than he'd ever shown Kassia. "But I would also like your permission to cover your babies with these blankets, so they can rest peacefully rather than be gossip fodder." His brown flit Sambert had stayed well away from Foreth, but there were a few firelizards popping into the Caverns. He squawked angrily, and made it his day's work to keep them away.

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R'tal's breath hissed out quietly. "Don't look, love," he said hastily, firmly, slamming a barrier like a shut door between his mind and Talith's as he felt the brown trying to see what he was reacting to. Certainly his dragon would see it in his mind and his memories but still he pushed back against that. Only only one of them needed to be seeing this just now.

Helplessly he paced onto the Sands, unable to just ignore them but unsure what to do. "Should we cover them?" he asked after a moment. It felt disrespectful somehow just to leave them. He glanced at Larsin. "Could one of your apprentices fetch blankets?"

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After what seemed like forever Foreth finally stopped keening. The sound decreased slowly until it came to just whimpers that only those in the Caverns could hear. Finally Foreth turned to get a better look and almost started keening again. Her movement gave room for those also in the Caverns to see the unfortunate carnage. Multiple baby Hatchlings and their eggs had been ground under her huge back paws. The results would be nightmare inducing.

She whimpered as she put her muzzle close as if to nuzzle the remnants of what had one been nearly ready-to-Hatch young dragons.


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